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Jewels of Rome

Jewels of Rome
Сlient: G5 Games
What we did:
  • Original Music
  • Sound Design

About project

Jewels of Rome is a fusion of city building and match-3 puzzler which takes a player back to the era of Ancient Rome. 

The variety of match-3 levels are gradually unfolding the glorious story behind the game. Within this story a player sets out for an epic adventure full of catchy scenes, unpredictable events and charismatic characters.


Our Approach

We had the pleasure to work on shaping a player's experience of the era with our immersive game audio. The idea behind our audio content was to lift the veil on the events of ancient history and at the same time to mystify the fantasy of legends and myths. 

Our music compositions were created with the goal to reflect all the glory, courage and pride within the revival of a great empire. Apart from that the music is revealing the stunning Mediterranean culture, the spirit of each game landmark and the mood of each storyline occasion. 

The suspenseful storyline of Jewels of Rome is supported by the sophisticated gameplay full of special tools, remarkable boosters and  power-up combos. So, we had to create proper sound effects to let the player pay attention to all those game features,  distinguish between them and use them properly. 

Check out the results of our work!