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Crime Mysteries: cinematic soundtrack for the criminal megapolis

Crime Mysteries
Сlient: G5 Games
What we did:
  • Original Music
  • Sound Design
  • Voice-over

About project

Crime Mysteries is an intriguing detective game where a player should crack twisted cases by finding hidden objects and solving match-3 puzzles. The storyline is full of gripping events where the danger of horrifying crimes shatters against the detectives' professionalism.

Our Approach

Our approach to audio production was aimed at nurturing a player's desire to restore law and order. To achieve this goal we were trying to immerse the gamers into the mysterious atmosphere of LA  homicide flavored with heart-racing adrenaline from chasing the vicious criminals.

Our cinematic game soundtrack draws on the exciting world of dangers, brutal investigations and epic arrests. Also our music compositions capture the mood of each troubling murder scenes.

Our sound design solutions helped us to create the entourage of criminal Los Angeles with the noise of its busy streets, sounds of the sirens from police cars and the signals from radio receivers. Moreover the appropriate sounds are carefully designed to assist a player in navigating through numerous clues, evidence and suspects.

Check out the results of our work!