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Cradle of Empires: anthem of the ancient colonists

Cradle of Empires
Сlient: Awem
What we did:
  • Original Music
  • Sound Design

About project

Cradle of Empires is a thrilling casual game full of crafty match-3 levels and a spell-binding adventure behind each of them. The game is set in ancient Egypt and Rome and filled with stories of miraculous revivals after hostile surroundings.

Our Approach

The aim we tried to achieve while creating the game audio was to let a player dive deep into a compelling narrative set of the ancient times. Alongside this with our audio settings we wanted to evoke a player's desire to explore the secrets hidden for centuries and to uncover the mysterious truth. 

Our original music compositions spill into the sensation of the constant struggle between the reviving empires and the invasions of evil forces. Thus our soundtracks tell the players about brave colonists and their glorious combats in astonishing locations with massive ancient buildings. 

We also carefully designed all the sound effects for the matching flowers, candies, and biscuits as well as for collectible jewels, diamonds, and crystals. So, our immersive sound design is an important part of passing through the game tales.

Check out the results of our work!