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Solitaire Tour: soundtrack of the journey across card levels

Solitaire Tour
Сlient: G5 Games
What we did:
  • Original Music
  • Sound Design

About project

Solitaire Tour is a fun tri-peaks card game with plenty of beautifully-designed card levels. Together with the mischievous red cat Lily, a player departs for an enjoyable journey across a variety of wonderful imaginary worlds.

Our Approach

The gameplay of Solitaire Tour combines a classic solitaire card game with an exciting cruise through the picturesque locations.So, as a direction for our game audio production, we set our creative side on keeping it simple and entertaining on the one hand, and, at the same time, on adding some thrilling and a bit mysterious motifs. 

As always, each of the stunning game locations served as a source of inspiration for creating our music compositions. Thus, our game soundtracks contribute to a player's immersion, as they facilitate the fabulousness, the magic and the fantasy behind each of the game worlds.

We applied the same approach to our sound design production. So, the first aim was to vivify the settings of a card game. For that purpose we developed the sounds for cards shuffle and handle. Then we thought through the sounds of surroundings: swish of the  forest meadowб bird songs, etc. And lastly, to keep the game easy-to-learn we created our aiding sounds so that a player could keep up with all the coins, special items and power-ups. 

Check out the results of our work!