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Archibaldi Studio

We know how your ideas sound!


We have been working on hundreds of game titles across Mobile, PC and Console platforms.

Our studio is a turn-key solution for all audio needs in video game development.

We take pride in creating great game audio through music, sound design, character vocalizations, mixing and audio implementation to make sure your game will leave an impression on your audience.


We take music and audio production seriously and these people, can prove it!


Tatiana Timoshenko

Business Development Director, G5 games

1 / 7

The first project we started to cooperate on with Archibaldi Studio was Pirates & Pearls. It was a success! The music created a mood of unbridled joy, just as it should be on a filibuster ship. I remember us singing pirate melodies all over the office for several weeks in a row. Usually, I play games without music. However, I didn't want to turn off this music, it guided me through the game, joyously dancing to a melody. Then we had even more: more successful projects, colorful sound, and new great in-game soundtracks, which we also wanted to listen to and sing along.


Maria Chyrvona


2 / 7

We have been working with Archibaldi Studio for several years. A very experienced team in everything related to sound in games and we confidently trusted them to invite speakers, select topics and moderate audio tracks for the DevGAMM conference. The audience noted that the reports were very useful, had a practical focus and helped industry professionals find solutions to their problems. We are grateful to the guys for putting a lot of effort and energy into developing the community around game audio.


Alexandr Razumov

CEO Funcraft Games

3 / 7

More than 10 years of working together on different projects, and always high-level quality! Archibaldi Studio is not just about music and sounds, it's about sound design and atmosphere in games! Good understanding of the game development process, deep technical integration with projects and a flexible approach to customers!


Volga Bako

Product director, AWEM

4 / 7

Long-term collaboration with Archibaldi Studio on various projects. Focus on quality in music creation and sound design, as well as in organizational approaches. The concentrated and responsible work of the studio on the result is captivating. Open communication and openness to feedback is what makes working together comfortable and enjoyable.


Igor Skapenko

Game Producer, G5 Entertainment

5 / 7

Artem and his team are very good at comprehensive approaches to sound production. If you need sound effects, music tracks, or voice-over recordings, integration, and setup of audio assets for your game project, Archibaldi Studio is what you need. The team is very responsible and creative. You can be sure of the quality as well.


Alexandra Butor

Movie Director

6 / 7

I was lucky enough to collaborate with composers Artem Galitsyn and Nikolai Sivkov on the full-length film "Sweet Farewell". The difficult state of the heroine-sadness and hope, all the storm of emotions Artyom and Nikolai perfectly conveyed in the music. The soundtrack turned out to be very atmospheric, with an accurate reflection of the characters. Each composition exists in harmony with the story. The guys are great professionals, very hardworking and responsible people with good taste.


Victor Kantor

CEO, Dynamic Games Ltd.

7 / 7

The Archibaldi Studio team made even our simple games sound fantastic! They must know some secret how to make games sound perfect, so they just do it. I recommend Archibaldi Studio to everyone who wants to make their game better.

Our team

A perfect blend of creativity, experience and reliability. Please meet our team.

Artem Galitsyn

Founder / CEO


Nikolay Sivkov

Composer / sound designer


Alexandr Urbanovich

Composer / sound designer


Igor Norik

Project manager


Ilya Paliakou



Pawel Orlow