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Pirates & Pearls: daredevil pirate musical motifs

Pirates & Pearls
Сlient: G5 Games
What we did:
  • Original Music
  • Sound Design

About project

Pirates & Pearls is an adventurous game where a player gets to sail through thousands of pirate-themed match-3 puzzles and quests for mansion restoration. The game's storyline is full of thrilling affairs on the way to building a real pirate paradise.

Our Approach

With our audio content we wanted to let the players blast through mischievous pirate stories to ambitious pirate dreams. As a result, in our game audio a gamer can sense the spirit of a fearless pirate soul filled with a trill of treasure fever.

Apart from the wicked excitement of treasure hunting, our music compositions are also inspired by the wide range of the sailing destinations: from traditional motifs of the Caribbean aborigines to meditative melodies of the Far East. 

Moreover, we worked extremely hard on the reflection of all the tinges of the game plot. In order to do that we thought through and incorporated every specific overtone in our sound design: you can hear the pirates' yells and sniggers, the warble of paradise birds, the snars of exotic creatures and even the splashes of waves. And of course we didn't forget about more practical sound effects which help a player to follow the combos, the boosters and other important game mechanics.

Check out the results of our work!