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Overcrowded:Tycoon - sounds of fun for the thrilling rides

Сlient: ZeptoLab
What we did:
  • Original music
  • Sound design

About project

Overcrowded: Tycoon is a rousing strategy game,  the main goal of which is to become a real roller coaster king. To build the most legendary theme park ever, a player needs to skillfully manage more and more attractions while constantly watching out for picky guests.

Our Approach

With the help of our immersive audio, we wanted to evoke the sensation of being surrounded by unimaginable attractions, crowded lines, and crazy rides. Moreover, we aimed to vivify the park guests by giving the appropriate vocalizations to all their emotional spectrum: from laughter and thrill to anger and disappointment. We also developed some particular gameplay sounds to highlight the specific game events, such as building and upgrading the attractions, unlocking the bonuses, etc. 

To continue contributing to the amusement park atmosphere, our game music is full of fun, excitement, and insane emotions. 

Check out the results of our work!