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Emma’s World: soundtrack for the world of fantasies

Emma’s World
Сlient: Carpazzzi Soft
What we did:
  • Original Music
  • Sound Design
  • Voice-over

About project

Emma’s World is a fast-paced arcade game with cute characters and light-hearted storytelling. Together with brave little Emma, a player has to fight his way through the world of fantasies.

Our Approach

Our catchy music compositions complete the bright gameplay and let the players immerse themselves deeper into the imaginary universe. In this way our original music ensures a joyful mood and augments considerably the level of fun.

We also took care of making both Emma and her tiny monsters lively and amusing by thinking through the sounds they are making during the game. Other important sound effects are the sounds of the  slingshot, the paintballs  and the special little bonuses helping a player in the playing field.

Check out the results of our work!