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Alice in Wonderland: lovely motifs for a magic adventure

Alice in Wonderland
Сlient: Paladin
What we did:
  • Original Music
  • Sound Design

About project

Alice in Wonderland is a minigolf adventure game built around the plot of a well-known story by Lewis Carroll. Down through the rabbit hole, a player encounters tons of challenging puzzles and inexplicable mysteries.

Our Approach

While working on game audio for the Alice in Wonderland project, our goal was to create a light atmosphere of a fun adventure allying with secrets and fantasies. An important focus for the music compositions was to reflect the particular atmosphere of each fantastic landscape. In this way, a player can not only see but also hear the mysterious swamps and enigmatic hills, the tricky mazes, and magic portals…

Speaking about our sound design, we tried to craftily implement every significant gameplay event into the whole system of atmospheric sounds. As a result, we developed specific sound effects for such elements as bouncers, trigger buttons, moving platforms, and chess pieces, crazy bonuses, etc. 

Check out the results of our work!